Creating my Business Website

Creating my Business Website

Once you have determined what product or service you will offer to your customers, it’s time to start creating your website.

The first thing in building a site is deciding the domain or in other words, the name of the website (,, etc). This should be a unique name in the world and reflect what your business is. You can buy the domain name from many different providers at different prices as Godaddy, Wix, BlueHost, etc.

Next step is choosing how you are going to build your website. There are many different ways to built a website, but depending on the time, experience, and needs that you have you may want to choose from one to another.

The easy way is using a Site Builder, also called them Drag & Drop Builders. This consist in an online software where you create your website using a graphic interface, so you don’t need any coding experience at all. You can star your website from an empty window or use a template. You can choose from many different site builders, such as Wix, Weebly, Webs, etc. Some site builders are free and others require a membership that could be from monthly or full year payment. Most site builders providers offer free domains and other bonuses when you buy a full year membership. Even when this is a great option, it is common that site builders don’t allow too much coding changes or personalize.

A medium option is using Content Managment Systems (CMS) such as WordPress or Squarespace. These CMS offers the easy to use of the Drag & Drop builders with the flexibility of an HTML Coding Editor so you can personalize your site using your coding experience.

The longest and harder way is using HTML editors. These editors are typically used by people with coding experience. If you want to create your unique website and build it from the scratch, this is the best option for you. You can use any of the free editors such a  KompoZer, Trellion, or TextWranger; or you can use a paid software like Adobe Dreamweaver. You would be required to code all your HTML, CSS, JavaScripts, etc. in order to have your website built.

The final step is choosing a server where you are going to store your site and make it available to everyone the 24/7 on the internet. These companies are called Hosting. You can find a big number of companies who offer dedicate or share servers to keep your website online. Most of the commons are BlueHost, eHost, iPage, and Hostgator. Even when most of the hosting offer similar plans, you have to take in consideration the total of storage space you will get, how many domains you can storage with the same account, and how bandwidth you will have. If you are running a website where people will upload and watch videos like YouTube, you will need a big storage space and bandwidth.

Before you buy a hosting, make sure that you are not readily covered with hosting in your site builder or domain name providers. In most cases, these providers include hosting with their plans. But if you are not, check that your hosting is compatible with your site builder; you don’t want to buy a hosting and not be able to use it.


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