Advertising your business

Advertising your business

Regardless your business model, product, or structure, once you have your website built, it’s time to get customers. Exists different ways to increase traffic to your website, but one easy way is by an advertising campaign.

One of the biggest advertising providers companies is Google, you can easy start a campaign using their Adwords Service, the only thing you need is a Google Account; if you don’t have one, you can get one for free.

Google Adwords consist in creating ads promoting your website. These ads are displayed on Google search when a user introduce one or more of your preselected keywords.

Keywords are words or phrases related to your business, or product. These words are important, so you need to choose your words carefully.

First, think like a customer. Organize your services or products by categories, then write down keywords from each category. Include words that describe your products or services for each category. Look for popular words or phrases that represent your business and many people use. Remember that these words are typed by the customers on a Google Search, so think like you are a customer looking for your product or service. What you would you type?

Second,  be specific. Keywords need to be focused on your possible clients. Don’t use general words, for example, if you are selling sports equipment, don’t just the keyword “sports”, this could lead you to people who are looking info about sports, scores, or anything else. General words will define increase your traffic but not your sales.

Third, pick the right number of keywords. You may select from 5-20 words or phrases per ad campaign.

Fourth, review your keywords using Google Keyword Planner. This tool will help you to know how many clicks or impressions you word can have monthly depended on your daily budget and bid. You also can find the competition for each keyword. Competition refers to how many other Google Adwords customers are paying or using the same keyword. You best panorama is having a keyword with a high number of impressions and low competition.

When you finally find your rights words, start your campaign, then keep an eye in how those words are working or not to your goals, you may want to add or delete some words or increase your bid in those words that are generating more traffic.


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