Ads Groups

Ads Groups

Google Adwords is a great tool to increase traffic and sales trough your website. You have more success opportunities is to keep your ads campaign organize; you can do that by using ads groups.

Groups are great to have specific keywords for each of your groups. For example, you may create a campaign for your sports equipment website. You can use keywords as Sports Clothes,  sports store, or sports equipment. You probably sell clothes or equipment for baseball, soccer, basketball, and football but not for golf, swimming, etc, so these words are very general for your business because you don’t sell equipment for all the sports; this will increase the impressions on your site but probably not sells.

You could have a better impression and sales using the proper groups. Create an ad group for each of your products, and then fill that group with the best keywords related to your product. For example, taking about baseball products, you may want to add to your group words as baseball ball, baseball gloves, bats, baseball equipment for sale, etc.

Or for your football products, words such as football helmets, football sucks, football ball, football gloves, etc.

Following this tip will lead you to the right customers because they are being redirected directly to the product they are looking for instead of just a website with many different products. You will not lose money by paying for visitors who are looking something you don’t offer.

Think about your products and try to describe them, then use those words to start your campaign, good luck.


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