Google Analytics

Google Analytics

You finally start your online business, you started receiving traffic to your website by your Google Adwords campaign, but how you know what is working and what is not? This is what Google Analytics do.

This technology is design to analytics the performance of a website or mobile app. You can identify what pages on your site have a low or poor performance. Google Analytics shows you where your visitors came from (by typing your page, referrers, Google search, etc.), how long they stayed on your page, their behavior (what they do), and their geographic location.

You can link Google Analytics and Adwords to review the quality of your ad campaign and your landing page.

These data could be useful if you know how to interpreted and apply actions to your site. For example, you may receive a lot of visitors from different sources, especially your Google Ad, this is good because means that you are offering a demanded product or service, and/or your ad has been designed properly. But you notice that you are not selling many products or that your visitors don’t stay on your website for more than 20 seconds. This could be that your landing page is not related to your ad title and keywords. When a customer clicks on an ad, what they want is to see exactly what they are looking for. Another thing that could cause this user behavior is your content or design of your website. If users can’t easy read your content or are not organized or accurate, or they have troubles navigating on your site, they shortly will leave you and look for another option. Try to make fill your site with relevant and accurate content and make it look clean and organized. Don’t forget to keep your site easy to use.

Another example could be about your user’s location, this will help you to find if you are reaching to your pre-planed audience. If you are receiving many visitors from outside of your targeting audience, especially if you are using an AdWords campaign, you may want to reduce your location to show your ad. Its does not profit to pay for ad clicks for people in places where you don’t ship or offer your products.

Google use cookies (if these are enabled on the client’s browser) in order to know if your site is receiving new or returned visitors. If most of your visitors are returning users is a good sign that they liked your site and what you are offering. With time, this could save you money, because users will type your site instead of click on an ad where you have to pay.

Start using on your site and take the time to analyze your data and improving your business plan. If you learned how to use Google Analytics on your site, it will be a powerful tool to help you to reach your business goals.


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