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Airbnb Plus – Social Campaign Analysis

Airbnb Plus – Social Campaign Analysis

Airbnb is a company who operates online marketing and hospitality services to people who are looking for short-term lodging.

Many users use its website to find the perfect private place to stay. In order to thanks its customers and improve its services, Airbnb created the Airbnb Plus Campaign.

What is Airbnb Plus?
It’s a program to offer high-quality homes, equipped with all the essentials to make the guest experience the best. This program uses a selection of high rated hosts where an Airbnb representative verified in person each place to ensure comfort, consistency, and design.

The company created a series of short videos where each video shows and check a simple service that an Airbnb Plus house offer which goal is to increase the people who sign up or rent a place with them.



Analysis Principles

Value Principle: Airbnb uses each video to show a feature of the program. These videos remark simple things that can make their stay more comfortable and pleasant. These videos make the user think about previous experiences where they didn’t receive these services and increase the desire in them to have a better experience while travel by using the company Plus service.

Least Resistance: By using short, simple, and clear videos to present a single feature of the program, you can keep the user attention and share the full message of the video.

Zeitgeist Principle: Airbnb uses a diversity of people for their videos, they are different size of groups and races, this makes the audience to feel more connected to the video, it provides a more personalized experience.

Improving your Site

Improving your Site

One important thing to do frequently after publishing your site and run your Adwords campaign is improving your website, so your customers can have a better experience and increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What are the benefits of having a good SEO? Websites with a high SEO are positioning before low SEO websites. When users perform a search engine that contains some of your keywords users will find you before other sites.

Another benefit is low keywords costs. When you own a high SEO site, the rate cost for your keywords will drop down. You will be able to receive more clicks and impressions to your site with the same budget. These two things (better site positioning and low ad costs) will increase your revenue.

Now, you may be interested in owning a high SEO website, but how do you accomplish it?
Google is the biggest Search Engine on the internet. They analyze every website on the web in order to gather information, if you want to be found, Google has to know what your website is about.

In order to increase your SEO use your keywords on your content. When google look at your website, they focus their attention on your headlines, place them there and also include them in your body and make sure your content is showing clear through devices (smartphones, tablets, and desktops).

Use your “alt” tags in all your images and media content. When Google look at your content and found and image or video, the computer can’t know what the picture is about. The program just registers that your page shows an image, this will not increase your SEO. To avoid this, include “alt” tags to your content; these tags are words or phrases that describe your media content. When Google’s computer look at your website with “alt” tags, it reads the description at the tags and registrar what the picture is about. Tags will help Google to know what your content is about and what you are showing on your site.

Keep your site easy to navigate. Place your navigation bar in an easily accessible place, most users will look for your bar at the top or right site of the screen. Make sure your menu is clear and no overloaded.

Optimize your site load speed. More users will close your site if the load speed is more than 3 seconds. You can test your site load speed using the free Google Website Test. After you run a test, if your site is loading slow, you can receive a detailed report with tips on how to increase your speed.

Increasing your SEO is not a one-time task, it takes time but is worth. Look for ways to improve your site and obtain the most you can from your money by having a high SEO website.